5 thoughts on “CHECK OUT RON GALE’S BOOKS”

  1. In the immortal words of George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
    The past is gone, the future is here here. Nothing is as enjoyable as a good book; enjoy one.

  2. MY LIFE*
    High society’s fine, with their good food and wine,
    but, I’m just a down home country hick.
    I don’t need all the bars, or the high powered cars;
    That is not what is making me tick.
    With the booze, dope and coke, that I don’t drink or smoke,
    could place me as just some kinda’ square.
    But I am what I am and I don’t give a damn,
    you can take me or leave me right there.

  3. *A RIDE*
    In my saddle, I ride to clean out my inside
    of the cares I partake of this world.
    As I ride O’er the sod, I am closer to God,
    and the best of my thoughts are unfurled.
    A tormented Iran is nowhere in my plan,
    nor this troubled old world if it rots.
    Of the world in turmoil; of the gas and the oil;
    far away from my mind are these thoughts.
    Across far away plains, my so peacefull mind gains,
    as the sun and the breezes, I feel.
    I have nothing to care, as I’m breathin’ fresh air,
    I’m no longer a cog in a wheel.


    I do get satisfaction from a ride out on the plains.
    From little jaunts amongst the trees, I know my heart retains
    The love and joy I find when I’m sittin’ astride a horse.
    This is the kind of joy that keeps my life upon its course.

    Although my pony may be small, or large, or tall, or short,
    Ridin’ may be done in work, or it may be spent in sport.
    I know that my very best dreams will somehow all prevail,
    As I ride so gently upon that quiet, wholesome trail.

    You’ll find that love and satisfaction for a girl or boy,

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