Ron’s Books


 This book is about a young boy living with a drunken uncle and a blood related aunt until the aunt dies leaving him an orphan with no known, to him at the time, relatives.  He ran away and joined a local ranch.  Works at the ranch until his uncle gets wind of where he is, and then he goes on a trail drive.  Eastern relatives try to find and kill him to get property and money left to him by a will.


Most of this story is true.  There are a few names in here that are fictitious and some of the places he traveled may not be right.  But the whole story about a young Cree Indian boy is basically true of the happenings in north west Canada in the late eighteen hundreds.



Wild horses roam the eastern slopes of the Rockies, and this book is a tribute to them, but the poems are about many other things in this western world.  Mostly they are incidents that happened in the early life of Ron Gale.

Sally Gets a Curly Horse

Children’s Picture Book one

This book is number one of my youngster’s picture books, number two “Sally Goes to Horse Haven” should be out within the next year.

Sally Gets a Curly Horse is about a young girl in Alberta, Canada who is deathly allergic to horses. She dreams, plans and wants to ride horses, and finds out that curly horses are hypo-allergic and that she can be around, handle and ride curlies without her allergies acting up. She gets to use, ride and handle the curlies and also gets to help others at shows.


Cowboy Poems Two

Rollicking, rowdy poems from the fascinating life of Ron Gale


Cowboy Style Poems about the Oilpatch

Cowboy poems four

I comprised these poems while working in the oil patch in Western Canada, mostly as a boiler operator.


Number one of my dog training books.  Number two should be out within the next year.

This book, while geared to the livestock working dogs, is appropriate for anyone owning, or handling, any dog. It teaches the essentials from picking out a puppy to bathing, grooming and caring for the weanling.   It also coaches the breeding, raising and some basic training.  Ron will have other books out on different types of training dogs.


Livestock protection dogs come in many breeds, and, if not all, most of the breeds are talked about and described in this book.  What they are and how to use them is fully explained in this book.


Every trainer, horse specialist and anyone who owns a horse should read this book.  You need this book if you are training horses, have a horse or intend to get a horse this book is a must,  It tells the truth about ‘whip breaking,’ using a nerve line that most people in North America are using and don’t know it.  Teaching the using horse is the only book of its kind that tells the whole story.  This book explains how to teach your horse, from starting to halter to doing every type of western riding along with teaching tricks, showing and working cattle.  It also goes through most of the riding fundamentals.  And it tells how to cope with and fix most all of the vices that people have caused their horses to pick up.  This book shows why most people have trouble understanding the horse, why the horse’s mind is programmed the way it is and why everyone handling a horse should recognize and work with the horse’s brain and his instincts.  If you, your children or anyone in your family own or intend to own, a horse read this book first and understand your obligation to the horse.

Christian (Cowboy Style) Poems

Cowboy poems three


Christian Poems written in cowboy style.

These are Poems I’ve written since I became a Christian in 1978

Dictionary of Cowboy Jargon

A dictionary of the words and sayings in western slang